Opeth, Thebarton Theatre Adelaide, 4 Sept 2008

Last night we went down to Thebbie to catch Opeth, on review tix from FasterLouder.com.au for me, and a photographer pass for Foss. Opeth ain’t really my thing at all, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of their music.

I’ve got plenty of material for a good review – but not being au fait with their tracks or releases, I might run into trouble there. Some judicious googling should suss it out, though. I managed to do a Soilwork review without even having listened to them much, so I should be ok. People actually liked that one, too, so I must have done a good job.

Still, it was a good show, even the punters thought so. One that I heard after the gig said that last night was the fourth time she’d seen Opeth, and that it was their best yet. The venue was chuffed too: 1300 people turned out for it, so it was quite full.

I’ll post the link to the review here when it’s up.

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