WiP: Crochet fishnets

Gallery 1 – the start

Gallery 2 – the middle

Gallery 3 – completed first leg


I am in the middle of crocheting up a pair of fishnets for a mate and the bloody thing just doesn’t seem to work. The pattern I worked off for a start (from the 1960s, the only pattern I could find) kinda went pear-shaped part way through, so I had to frog it after working it all the way to the heel, after having spent days on intricate cotton crochet.

Then after a few weeks, I thought ‘bugger it’ and simply started using a cross stitch to hook them together… and then the foot ended up too big (I’m starting at the toe). So, I had to frog it again. Twice.

Fourth time lucky? Let’s see. If I get it working properly this time, I’ll post pics here of the process. Stay tuned for details!

If anyone has any info on the best way of keeping these types of projects consistent (and functional without them getting too big or needing to stretch too much), any advice would be welcome!

[Update on this project (26/09/08): So, steady as she goes, have managed to keep the stockings restrained thus far, and they fit my foot (my foot’s about the same size as Andrea’s) excellently. Half of a foot done, let’s see how we go with the rest of the things. I’ll post more updates as they happen. And pictures, too, if it continues to work ok.]

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  1. Hi darling, your socks look superb so far! hope they come together well for you. Hope her legs are the some size as yours…if your crochet has a bit of movement in it, will probably give a bit.
    Also now I know how to handle a complaintnow, no wonder I haven’t won too many arguments with you…..

    Love mum++++

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