Really, really a publisher

For a crust I run (in partnership with Foss) my own publishing house, and have been doing so, officially, since about March this year. During that time we’ve done lots of jobs: communication consulting, technical writing, editing, typesetting and production. You know, things to keep your head afloat.

But it’s not til now that I’ve really felt like a publisher. The reason is that Brascoe now has products available for pre-order. They’re not “real” yet, as in, they haven’t yet been printed… but they are so not very far away.

Amazing, isn’t it? A few little products, and suddenly you feel like you’re getting somewhere! You wouldn’t believe the joy; it’s just incredible.

1 thought on “Really, really a publisher

  1. Congratulations 🙂 It’s always thrilling to achieve a dream, and even more so when it finally starts sinking in!

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