Spritz and late nightz

There is something faintly obscene about staying up well past the time when your brain can’t function properly, as I am doing right now. It is, I believe 3.04 am (not that I’m counting). Why, you might ask? Well, I promised an extra special present for my lovely niece Taylor (she turned four on Thursday)… and, in typical style, I left it to the last minute.

The present is a book that I wrote titled Spritz the Dryke: Spritz Goes Hunting. It’s a story about a Dryke (a little Aussie troll that lives in the back gardens of every home, that stinks to high heaven when it gets wet), and his adventures to a forbidden place (and the trouble he gets into while he’s there). Stupidly, I also thought “yeah, I can illustrate this”.

Hmmm. Well, let’s see how I go. So far it looks ok, not that I’m an illustrator by any stretch of an active imagination. When it’s done I’ll put an e-book version on this blog to share with everyone. Eventually Foss is going to illustrate it properly, and then we’re gonna sell it at the Brascoe.

If I get it finished before I keel over into a dead sleep, that is. Wish me luck!

[update @ 7.07 am. Done! I got it finished before 7! Goddamn do I need to go and sleep now… ]

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