Whitechapel Australian Tour 2009



TIX ON SALE THUR 6th November (see outlets below)

Formed in February 2006 Whitechapel seamlessly meld death metal, grind, and hardcore to create a blistering brand of modern death metal that leaves fans no other choice but to throw themselves into an uncontrollable frenzy.

Whitechapel stands out in today’s overcrowded metal scene due in part to their  ability to fuse memorable and even groovy riffs with crushing breakdowns, tremolo picking at neck breaking speeds, and incredibly evil and dissonant sounds. Their songs demand repeated listens and gang vocals at shows are common place. Metal Maniacs even took note of the band’s unique approach to metal guitars and their incredible work ethic: “A noted characteristic is Whitechapel’s three guitar assault; without a doubt an impressive apocalyptic sound. Propelled by the band’s DIY ethics, Whitechapel is a driving force that will continue to grow through hard work and determination.”

This is a band that is true to their music and honest in their delivery. They refuse to be ignored and will continue to bring their crushing metal to show after show until metal heads worldwide have experienced the manic intensity that is Whitechapel! The bands Metal Blade Records debut This is Exile is out now.


Whitechapel smash Australia for the first time with an amazing 13 shows covering all the major cities & many regional areas. With most shows catering for the all ages market, there is no reason for any metal fan in this country to miss out on the aurally assaulting experience that Whitechapel deliver.


Bring in the new year with a real bang & witness the new force of modern death!


Tue 6.1 – QUT Guild Bar, Brisbane (18+) – OZTIX www.oztix.com.au

Wed 7.1 –  Logan Ent. Centre, Gold Coast (Lic/AA) – OZTIX www.oztix.com.zu

Thur 8.1 – Manning Bar, Sydney (Lic/AA) – MOSHTIX www.moshtix.com

Fri 9.1 – The Basement , Wagga Wagga (AA) – DON TUCKWELL AUDIO

Sat 10.1 – The Basement, Canberra (Lic/AA) – MOSHTIX www.moshtix.com

Sun 11.1 – The National Hotel, Geelong (AA) – THE NATIONAL HOTEL

Mon 12.1 – The Bended Elbow, Ballarat (AA) – OZTIX www.oztix.com.au

Tue 13.1 – The Corner, Melbourne (AA) 1pm – 4pm – THE CORNER/ MOSHTIX www.moshtix.com

Tues 13.1 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (Lic) 8pm – 1am – THE CORNER/ MOSHTIX www.moshtix.com

Wed 14.1 – The Old Jail, Mt Gambier (AA) – THE JOLLY SWAGMAN

Thur 15.1 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (Lic/AA) – VENUETIX www.venuetix.com.au

Fri 16.1 – Amplifier Bar, Perth ( 18+) – 78 RECORDS/ MOSHTIX www.moshtix.com

Sat 17.1 – YMCA HQ Skatepark, Perth (AA) – 78 RECORDS



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