Sex Mook now on Amazon

Well I was surprised as hell to see that the Sex Mook, an anthology in which I was published last year, is now available on Amazon!

I’d got a lot of good feedback on the piece that I wrote for this sterling little work (published by Vignette Press, btw, who do great literary things); in particular at Happy Antipodean, a blogger who thought my work was rather nice:

The good thing about the collection qua collection is the shortness of the pieces. Most do not go over three pages, including Leticia Supple’s ‘Private Time’, which describes what a young woman gets up to when she locks her bedroom door. Not all of the collection is this good, and much is forgettable. But it’s a start.

It’s a great read, with so much content, so if you’re interested I suggest you head off and grab yourself a copy. It’s well worth it!

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