The Berzerker, Universum, A Closed Casket @ Enigma Bar (25/01/08)


Luke (The Berzerker). Image copyright (c) Foss 2009
Luke (The Berzerker). Image copyright (c) Foss 2009

Contrary to my usual get-in-late-and-miss-the-first-band effort, I’d got the start-up time for this show wrong and rocked up an hour early: only to note that it was incredibly quiet in town and Enigma was largely empty. Many ascribed the quietude to the fact that it was Sunday, totally disregarding the fact that despite it being Sunday, it was also the Australia Day long weekend.

To be fair, huge numbers of people who would no doubt otherwise have been at this show were at the various gigs the night before: Portal & Mournful CongregationCaptain Cleenoff and others. And many of those were very, very drunk. So, really, the lack of punters was unsurprising.

The smaller crowd yielded a more intimate atmosphere, which The Berzerkerseemed to thrive within… Read more…

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