INTERVIEW: 20 Years and 11 Albums in: Alex Webster talks to Metal as Fuck

Metal as Fuck recently chatted with Alex Webster about Cannibal Corpse’s new release, Evisceration Plague. When we talked to him, he was on the band’s tour bus in Amsterdam, where the band had, a few hours before, just played a show on Children of Bodom’s tour. Unusually, the tour afforded Cannibal Corpse the opportunity of reaching a new audience.
At the time when I spoke with Webster about the album, the hallmark Corpse song Hammer Smashed Face was ranked by German Metal Hammer as being the greatest death metal song of all time. This ranking came about as part of a survey that the magazine did, and the songs were chosen by the fans. While Cannibal Corpse were proud of the fact that this song made it to the top of the list, at the same time they were rather cautious about it, given that Metal Hammer chose the songs and the fans picked their favourites out of that list.

‘Certainly we’re proud of winning something like that. But at the same time we have to look at the context of it, where the folks at German Metal Hammer were the folks that chose the songs that were nominated, so certain fans might not have been able to vote for their favourite songs because their favourite songs weren’t on the list. We’re definitely very proud of that and I do think that whatever anyone’s opinion of the song Hammer Smashed Face is, I mean it’s certainly one of the most popular death metal songs of all time.’

Webster went on to list a bunch of other songs that… READ MORE…

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