INTERVIEW: A Candid Chat with Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo/Fozzy)

One of the most talkative and happiest people I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing is Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo/Fozzy). He’s a really easy-going dude, quite happy to talk in-depth about almost everything. Metal as Fuck hooked up with him for a yarn about Stuck Mojo’s latest release The Great Revival, and a bit about Fozzy too – just for the hell of it. But we went far, far deeper than just music.

Because Rich is part of Fozzy and Stuck Mojo, he almost lives a double-life. Once Stuck Mojo finished their last tour cycle late in 2008, he began working on the next Fozzy record. When he started writing for the next album, he started pretty much from scratch. But, within a couple of months he had twelve new songs, which he eventually worked back down to ten. Then in addition to these, the new Fozzy release will see another track written by a bandmate, plus a track that was originally destined for the last Stuck Mojo release, The Great Revival, but which was not completed in time. Ironically, it was the title track for that Mojo release. As Rich said, … READ MORE…

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