Release Review: AS I LAY DYING – This is Who We Are DVD (Metal Blade/Riot)

DVD set cover
DVD set cover

I must admit that prior to watching the documentary about As I Lay Dying included in this pack, I couldn’t have given two shits about this band. It’s a credit to both the band members themselves, and to the filmmaker Denise Korycki, that by the end of it I did give a fuck – enough to sit through the following two discs.

Don’t be fooled by anyone who might tell you otherwise: this is an enormous package. It is not only three DVDs – a documentary that runs for an enormous length of time; a live DVD, which is comprised of a progression through a rediscovery of shows of their roots, as in, playing old-school venues; and a third DVD filled with music videos and bonus features. I figure that because it’s such a big package, I may as well split this review down the same way. This is a long review – you have been warned!… READ MORE –>

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