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I’m putting this here because it’s an important issue… it’s a blog that I wrote over on our business’s website. Here’s a snippet:

We love the Small Press Underground Networking Community, otherwise known as SPUNC. Well, we did – until two things happened that caused us to get a little bit angsty and more than a little bit disappointed. The first is the process for the upcoming Annual General Meeting; the second is SPUNC’s lack of response to the parallel imports issue.

I won’t write about the parallel imports issue because Vignette Press’s Lisa Dempster has covered the issue admirably so far on her own blog – over at Unwakeable. We’ve left comments there, so you can see our perspective.

But the AGM issue is one that is really causing us, and other member organisations, some concern. In fact, it is so concerning to us, as interstate members, that we’ve felt that there is a need for complete transparency. In the interests of complete transparency, the whole chain of communications is presented here for other SPUNC members to read, and for others who may be interested….  READ MORE –>

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