Watch this space for serialised book – coming soon

The decision has been made: I am going to serialise a book, one which I wrote over a period of two years, here on my blog. The blog will need a LOT of tidying up first, and I may well wait until I have it self-hosted so it can sit on a subdomain, but the reason for the decision is that Afflicted has been sitting in my filing system for nearly four years in total and it’s time to drag it out into the light.

The way it will work is this:

  • a chapter will be published each week
  • you get the opportunity to comment on it, leave suggestions in the comments on the blog here (not anywhere else this may be syndicated, such as MySpazz or FaceBook) for the story or the upcoming chapters
  • I may or may not choose to emend the next section from random comments left on each instalment before it goes up
  • and so on, until the book is done in its entirety.

If there is enough demand, I may also publish the work and offer it out – but only if there’s enough demand for it. God knows I have enough “real” work to do in that field as it is!

Yes, it is a bit Dickens of me – but let’s blame it on the fact that he’s my favourite author, and we were both born in February.

Stay tuned.

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