What’s happening to the journo course? Lots. Soon.

While I’d aimed to get my music journalism course more active – as in, posting a new element of the course at least every fortnight – it’s kind of run to a standstill. BUT I’m picking the threads back up again this weekend, so you can look forward to another instalment very soon.

On this note, I’ve had various enquiries about whether you get participation certificates and the opportunity to study directly with me; as in, ‘with me’ as a tutor/mentor. At this stage I don’t have the time to do that, but any comments left on the various posts will be replied to – so that’s one way you can get this type of interaction.

There are also plans to publish the entire course as a print-on-demand book, and as an e-book once it is complete. Costs will be kept as low as possible, because I feel that this type of knowledge needs to be available without a huge price tag on it.

If you’re keen to see this course updated more frequently, please let me know! I tend to keep on top of things with a bit of pressure, you see.

Also, if people out there are really keen for an actual online course, let me know and I’ll add some other parts to it – like web seminars and that sort of thing. Get the group stuff happening.

In the interim, my personal twitter is the place to catch me. Hit me up at www.twitter.com/biodagar; otherwise, you can catch me on the MaF twitter as well www.twitter.com/metalasfuck… or even over at the Brascoe www.twitter.com/brascoebooks.

Til next time – enjoy ya metal and stay brutal \m/

2 thoughts on “What’s happening to the journo course? Lots. Soon.

  1. Brilliant! I’m so glad it’s been useful for you 🙂 I’ll be sending out tweets when the next one is done. Fingers crossed it happens this weekend!

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