INTERVIEW: Time waits for no woman – Metal as Fuck talks to Angela Gossow

ANGELA GOSSOW (image from TinyPic)
ANGELA GOSSOW (image from TinyPic)

Angela Gossow talks about The Root of All Evil and Arch Enemy’s forthcoming Australian tour. But she also talks about the big questions of equality and gender, why people who fantasise about Medieval times amuse her, and why she likes living in the times she does.

Arch Enemy’s latest album, The Root of All Evil, is not a new album per se: it was put together out of the band’s favourite tracks, but reinvigorated with the band’s current lineup, to give them a second life. As Angela pointed out, the Arch Enemy fanbase is comprise of a lot of different ages of peopl, not all of whom know all of the band’s material.

‘I think it’s cool that we’ve got a lot of young fans, but they’re not aware of the first couple of Arch Enemy albums .. they mostly don’t know the Black Earth tracks,’ band frontwoman Angela Gossow said. ‘And it’s a bit of a shame because these kids are the most active ones at live shows. If they don’t know a track, the whole action kind of dies down a bit.’… READ MORE –>

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