RELEASE REVIEW: Gnaw Their Tongues – All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity (Burning World/Crucial Blast)

gnawtheirtonguesIf you think you know what experimental noise/art metal is, then you haven’t heard Gnaw Their Tongues’ latest release. This is an intense experience: one you absolutely have to have before you die.

Gnaw Their Tongues’ All The Dread Magnificence of Perversity is not so much an album you’d listen to as experience. It’s a whole-of-mind/whole-of-brain type experience; listening to this you can’t really do anything else. It takes up the entirety of your brain. There is so much going on, in so many layers; it’s an emotional and psychological journey through utter derangement, without being the untamed, discomposed noise of something like Dysrhythmia‘s Psychic Maps.

This album is entirely different territory to anything like something Dysrhythmia could dream up. It is cinematic, deep, multilayered; and I suspect that a lot has gone into its construction. There are symphonic elements that interleave with unintelligible, harsh vocals; there are sound-effects, super-down-tuned guitar and bass; slow percussion; and the sort of sound I am going to label ‘industrial’ – but industrial in the sense of basic goings-on of a distant factory than anything like ‘industrial’ genre music or industrial metal.

Being the sort of person who’s always had a penchant for the music created by factories, building sites, and distant air conditioners on a hot, dark night, this kind of thing hit the spot with me. But combine it with the unsettling soundscapes of horror and you have something not just interesting, but particularly special…. READ MORE –>

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