EVENT REVIEW: Obituary @ The Gov (Adelaide), 21 Nov 2009

Some would say that this show kicks the shit out of all the previous shows this year; but I’m not going to go there any more or make comparisons because it’s too hard after the year of awesome tours we’ve had. Suffice it to say that it was killer.

One thing about going to shows in late spring, on a Saturday, is that, if you are hanging out at a mate’s place before the show, time tends to disappear as you relax and get into beer and conversation. As we did on Saturday prior to Obituary; meaning it was a bit of a scramble to get our shit together and head out to the Gov on Port Road on time. It turned out that we only missed the very beginning of Mammoth‘s set; something that I was pleased about because I finally got to see these guys play. I’m probably the only one on the scene here who has for some reason missed them every single time.

I’d been looking forward to the Obituary gig, not just because I love death metal shows and anticipation was high, but because it was at the Governor Hindmarsh: a venue that I consider one of the best in Adelaide for live shows. Why? It’s big, it’s comfortable, the sound is absolutely killer and can handle even the heaviest shows with ease. And, of course, you can stand out in the beer garden having a smoke in full view of the band and still enjoy the set. Everything you need for a great night, the Gov has, and metal shows there are (unfortunately) fairly rare.

Getting to the Gov was a bit of a bitch, given the roadworks, and the subsequent removal of a lot of the parking immediately around the Governor Hindmarsh in order to cope with it. This may have been one of the reasons why there weren’t many punters present for the support acts. Those who were there were enthusiastic as hell, for the most part, and the general vibe was one of rising…. READ MORE–>

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