INTERVIEW: In the Spotlight – Crystalic

Crystalic is the first band in Europe to win a Metal as Fuck spotlight feature, having scooped the pool by a long way. Of course, these guys didn’t dare to think that they would win; or that they had fans and supporters, not just at home but also abroad, sufficient to see them charging to the post.

I talked to guitarists Mikko Mattila and Toni Tieaho about winning the spotlight, and they gave me the low-down on Crystalic. They were incredibly surprised that they’d won, and that they were the first Euro band to have scored the spotlight.

‘First? Damn that’s killer!’ Toni exclaimed. ‘Absolutely, we didn’t dare to think that we would win. There were a few good local bands, and I also thought that our local people were not going to support us like this. It seems that we are getting fans little by little; it was a nice surprise for us.’

The band was first formed in 1998. Eleven years ago, the band was much styled much more along black metal lines, especially vocally. Between then and 2002, the project was put on ice, and it was resurrected in 2002. Although Crystalic has experienced several lineup changes, the band itself has been around for approximately ten years.

Mikko gave me the run-down on how the band has dealt with line-up changes… READ MORE –>

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