RELEASE REVIEW: Claim the Throne – Aletales (Prime Cuts)

Perth folk metallers Claim the Throne give us a bit of an insight into what they’re capable of with their five-track EP (CD/DVD digipack) Aletales. And it’s pretty damn good.

Renowned for their rollicking good-times live shows, Claim the Throne is an Australian band worth experiencing if you ever get the chance to see them grace a stage with their beer bongs, beach balls, and generally large presence. Which is why I was a little bit apprehensive about how well they would come across in a recording. Happily, they manage to pull it off.

Aletales is the band’s second CD release, and it is a lot better – especially production-wise – than their first one, Only the brave return. Aletales is a slick production from the packaging to the music itself…. READ MORE –>

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