Metal as Fuck and some interesting stats

Not doing much else but being curious, I thought I would write a very small blog on the top keywords by which Metal as Fuck was found by search engines during 2009. Then I got excited and started writing about statistics too. So sue me, it’s good stuff.

So, while the statistics on the site are incredibly detailed, and go to many, many pages, I’ll post just the top 25 most highly ranked keywords for you, and some of the key numbers. The keywords in particular paint an interesting picture of how MaF is most discovered by those who use the various search engines that are out there.


  1. Metal as Fuck
  2. metalasfuck
  3. fuck
  4. Anthony Zoric (our graphic designer)
  6. Opeth Australian tour 2009
  7. Deathstars Australian tour
  8. Amon Amarth Australian tour 2009
  9. Obituary Australian tour
  10. Obituary +metal as fuck
  11. top 100 heavy metal songs
  12. Opeth Australian tour
  13. top 100 metal songs
  14. Voyager I am the revolution review
  15. home fuck
  16. Brutal Truth Australian tour
  17. Opeth tour Australia 2009
  18. metal fuck
  19. Vader Necropolis review
  20. fuck net
  21. Korpiklaani Karkelo review
  22. Opeth Australia
  23. Kreator Australian tour
  25. metalasfuck belphegor

It’s interesting for me, as editor and publisher of the site, because it shows me a few things:

  1. that people are searching for Metal as Fuck and that it is the most highly ranked (in fact, we are #1 in Google searches for that phrase)
  2. that people like to search for the word ‘fuck’ (no surprises there!)
  3. that searches for some of the most anticipated Australian tours of 2009 brought up our site with the greatest regularity
  4. that people are googling the name of the site’s graphic designer with enough regularity to bring keyword to the top five (is Ants really that well known? haha).

The fifth interesting thing (for me anyway) is a bit more boring: that there’s a good spread of labels amongst that list: Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Relapse, Roadrunner. That’s nearly all the “majors” as far as metal is concerned, which is killer. Century Media aren’t on the list, I don’t think, but I bet they are by the time the site has its first birthday.

Getting further into statistics (yes, I’m on a roll now!), almost half of all traffic to the site comes from search engines. And over ten months, adding up to well over 150,000 pageviews (which is pretty awesome considering we’ve never advertised anywhere except by word of mouth and social networking), the vast majority (over 60%) were absolute unique visitors. We get shitloads of repeat traffic, but the fact that we consistently get very high numbers of new visitors – and that our returning visitor numbers stay high at the same time – bodes well for the future traffic of the site.

And now to think about benchmarking and improving things over the coming months! It’s great to see the magazine is striding ahead in leaps and bounds. Given that I have been the key driving force behind the site since well before its inception, I feel rather proud to be overseeing it and the team, and to have been involved in getting it to this point even before it turns one.

Better yet, our first birthday is still some two and a bit months away. I better start thinking about celebrating.

7 thoughts on “Metal as Fuck and some interesting stats

  1. I dont google myself … i dont get why im even in this list to tell ya he truth! i just know i totally RAWK!!!! ;P

  2. Hmmmmm … 4th place eh? Time to aim for the No.1 position in 6 months \m/

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