Your input wanted: Music Journalism 101 ebook

Yes, it’s true: I’ve decided that once I’ve finished writing Music Journalism 101 (very soon, that will happen!) I’m going to develop it as a free, shareable ebook that you can distribute under a Creative Commons license. But in order to do this, I need your help.

I want ideas for additional content!

While I am going to edit and potentially revise the course content prior to pulling the content together, I have been thinking that I might jazz it up a bit. I was thinking of all sorts of possible inclusions, such as samples of my own work: interviews, reviews of releases and events; or possibly additional exercises; plus maybe a farm of links to recommended reading online… the list goes on.

So, I want your feedback. As potential readers of this book, what would you want to see? And what would make it valuable for you to read and go back to as a resource? Please add comments if you have other ideas not covered by the poll. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Your input wanted: Music Journalism 101 ebook

  1. I picked “all of the above” (sorry) but I think examples are always great. I know when I showed you my first attempts at interview questions you picked up on some that weren’t open-ended enough and gave me suggestions for rewriting them – that kind of thing would be killer, I think.

  2. I recommend all of the above! A good solid book or publication compares and contrasts the good and the bad! Its your life’s body of work – show what makes you a subject matter expert! It would be the best thing in my opinion!

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