All in good fun: One Million Beers for Metal

It’s a big goal. It’s going to take a long time. And I’m such a pissweak drinker that thank fuck it’s not just up to me.

If you’re curious about just what the hell One Million Beers for Metal is, go check out the news article here, or go directly to the website.

Yes, I was involved in the drunken ramble that started the idea kicking off – such is the beauty of social networks for collaboration, great ideas, and good conversation. In the cold light of day, it seems even more fun because it’s such a simple blog idea. And simple blogging ideas are very often the best: themed, easy to maintain, great for repeat visits (especially in this case, and especially once we have galleries plugged into the site), and great for two-way promotional traffic.

Also in the cold light of day, one starts to think (editor cap on now, you see): ‘Hmm. Maybe this would make Metal as Fuck look like it supports irresponsible drinking’. Which we don’t: having a drink is fun, getting very wasted (especially often) is just silly. And as one person on our Facebook page pointed out, it could promote a shitty idea of metalheads as just drunken louts. Very good, very valid point. Now there’s something I didn’t think about earlier, being too excited about something new.

But, you see, in the end I figure it’s all just fun. Having a few beers and taking photos of yourself rocking out, that is; not the whole ‘let’s all get blotto and make a messy idiot of ourselves’ thing. And that’s what it’s all about. Metal as Fuck is, ultimately, about the community that is part of it, that reads it, that gets into what we do. And I figure that if there is a way in which we can kind of beef that community up, support it, be part of its fun – then that’s really what life (and work) should always be about.

Ultimately I’m not that fussed. If it gets media attention, brilliant. If it’s negative media attention, even better. Publicity is publicity, promotion is promotion, and good fun is absolutely necessary to a good life.

So, while I’m not a big drinker myself, I do take part in drunken metal revelries on a regular basis. Every weekend, in fact! Stay tuned for some good pictures – in fact, I may even add a Flickr plugin here somewhere so you can follow the progress of the One Million Beers.

What a fantastic goal, and how awesome to have peeps all over the world get into it too. I’m so damn excited.

1 thought on “All in good fun: One Million Beers for Metal

  1. At the end of the day, having a few beers is very much a part of the live metal experience as champagne is to the Melbourne Cup or brandy sauce is to Christmas pudding – not necessary and not for everyone but still pretty goddamn popular! i think the people that matter won’t mind and the people who mind won’t matter, to quote someone (unfortunately I have no idea who, but it sounds cool).

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