… and so the hardcopy music collection starts to grow (again)

With the latest additions that arrived today:

That Slaughter release at the top is a limited edition, which is why I got excited – especially as it only cost me something like $14. Cos you can’t read the sticker, I’ll write it out for you:

Re-release of the debut album from 1986. Incl. 4 studio and 13 live tracks as a bonus. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. Ltd edition to 2000 numerated copies.

My copy is number 1944. I don’t know if I’ll unseal it. I might just keep it as it is.

This is why I’m getting excited about collecting again. Having split with a long-term partner a few months ago, I lost most of the hardcopy collection of albums, and all but one vinyl LP, simply because they weren’t “mine”. Now, nearly every cent goes on music – and I envision that it will for a very long time to come!

2 thoughts on “… and so the hardcopy music collection starts to grow (again)

  1. When i broke up with ex number one, I owned about 5 CDs (we were always broke). Suddenly single, with a job and no rent or other people’s stupid debts to pay, I went a bit nuts and i think now Dave and my combined collection is over 1100 discs. And now we’ve started on the vinyl too.

    Just don’t forget you’ve gotta save up to go to Europe too. The metal market at Wacken – especially the inside bit with all the vinyl – is something to behold!

    1. haha! That sounds familiar. Yes, my money is going two ways: one, saving for Europe; and two, music. 😀 You’d have to *drag* me out of the metal market. I’d probably just disappear, never to return….

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