Smaller than Bon Scott? You betcha.

I recently hit Perth, after long months of badgering by Goatlady, and found that the tag she gave me – Brutal Pixie – is pretty accurate. We discovered that I am actually smaller than Australia’s (arguably) most famous rocker, Bon Scott.

How did we discover this? On our Saturday tour of Freemantle (Freo to the locals) we did the obligatory Bon Scott pilgrimage. First to his statue, and thenceforth to his grave for beers. Plus markets, food, beers at Little Creatures, and a whole bunch of other stuff in between. Before a bbq and piss-up, of course!

click to see it full-size (it's on Goatlady's Flickr stream)

But yes, after meeting the statue, everybody exclaimed ‘wow it’s little’. It caused us to wonder whether the statue was to scale. So, Goatlady Googled it… only to discover, to the mirth of some, that the tiny monument is 1:1. It’s nearly a head taller than me.

The Freo cemetery doesn’t have any signs indicating where the wee man’s ashes are buried, which in my opinion is a total oversight. Even the gate nearby, named after him, doesn’t have any signs or plaques telling you that this is the case. You have to see the faded maps in the cemetery to find this out yourself. There is, however, a Bon Scott seat, with a plaque:

Bon Scott's seat

Nonetheless, we had some quiet moments (extended by waiting for Dave to find a bottle-o and bring drinks back), before bonding with the other AC/DC bogans who turned up to toast Bon as well.

click to see full-size (also on Goatlady's Flickr stream)

Bon Scott's grave

But perhaps the most amusing thing was finding out that the wheelie bin near Bon’s grave appeared to have been put in place specifically for the purpose of disposing of empty alcoholic beverage vessels.

It was a grand trip – filled with too much food, too much alcohol, and great company.

And awesomely graffitied power stations.

Yes, we broke in. Well, sort of.

Horror movie, anybody?

It looks like a fishing line, but it's razor wire. Epic sculpture.

Burnt-out, graffitied car = all types of awesome

And satanic carparks.

Level 666, where Satan parks his car. Goatlady had never noticed it before!

Perth is a lovely sort of place, not that I could ever live there. But I do suggest that if you’re an AC/DC fan, the journey to Freo is essential.

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