FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Metal as Fuck acquired by Radar Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Metal as Fuck acquired by Radar Media

Canberra,Tuesday 8 February 2011.

Online metal magazine Metal as Fuck acquired by Australian company Radar Media.

Radar Media are excited to announce their acquisition of the Metal as Fuck. Looking to further expand the magazine’s (already global) reach and output, and take it to new levels, this acquisition will see MaF really make its mark on the world.

Outgoing Editor and Publisher, Leticia Supple, commented that she was excited to be passing the magazine on to Radar Media.

‘Scott Adams and Allan Sko at Radar Media have acquired Metal as Fuck just as it’s on the cusp of doing great things. It’s great to know that they will take it even further. It was a big decision to sell the magazine and step out of the editorial chair; but as my life has changed, it’s turned out to be the best one.

‘Radar Media will continue Metal as Fuck in the spirit in which it was established, and I know that they will, without doubt, do amazing things. I wish them all the best for a fantastic future.’

Metal as Fuck is Leticia’s brainchild; she has been the force behind it since its inception in early 2008. She has also been the resident Editor since mid-2009. While Leticia is stepping out of the driver’s seat, she may return to the editorial team at some point in the future.

Metal as Fuck has grown to be a driving force in the metal scene worldwide. The magazine was launched into the internet in 2009. In its first year, with a global team of writers and photographers, Metal as Fuck covered the major European festivals; and in its second year expanded its reach and its renown. The magazine’s reputation rests on a tradition of high quality music journalism and criticism, and this is what will carry it into the future.

Radar Media has rich experience in running a publication, driving Canberra street press BMA Magazine from strength to strength since its inception in 1992. Co-owned by Scott Layne and Allan Sko, Radar Media has always prided itself on providing both cracking content for readers, and an excellent experience for clients.

‘With the inclusion of Scott Adams at the helm of Metal as Fuck – a man who is as experienced and talented in the ways of metal as his Gandalf-like beard is long – we at Radar Media look forward to maintaining the integrity so well instilled by Leticia Supple, whilst looking to build on her excellent work,’ Allan Sko has said.

With many big plans for the mag over the year, including the expansion into quality metal merch, the future for Metal as Fuck is looking the brightest shade of black.


What: Acquisition of Metal as Fuck ( by Radar Media

When: For immediate Release

Who: Metal as Fuck, Radar Media, Leticia Supple, Allan Sko, Scott Adams

Where: Australia. Metal as Fuck began in Adelaide; its HQ is moving to Canberra.


Scott Adams, Radar Media

Leticia Supple

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