Be part of a very metal doctorate

Take part in a research project about what it means to be ‘metal’.

Local Adelaide academic, Paula Rowe, is undertaking a doctoral study on what it means to be metal. She’s a long-time metal-head; had been involved with The Venue years ago, has managed bands, and is (and has been) a big, big part of the Adelaide metal scene.

So it’s with absolute glee that I talk to her for hours about her studies, whenever I see her. The study is sociological; it’s purely qualitative, is all about conversations and meaning. You won’t see her comparing you to charts, or numbers, or even a hypothesis. This study asks the questions… and interesting reading it is going to be.


  • Be aged between 18-25 (I know, damn, I’m too old to be involved!!)
  • Be passionate about metal
  • Be currently living or residing in Adelaide, South Australia

How to get involved:

Click here to get in touch with Paula. She’ll send you an information pack with more details about the study.

And, as thanks for your time, you get a JB HiFi gift card. Can’t get much more awesome than that.

If you’re hesitant, don’t be. Once you get talking about metal with Paula, you’ll wonder why the hell you didn’t do it sooner. Seriously, I’m not making this shit up, she rocks. So get cracking!

The lovely lady is looking to do further studies in the future, so even if you’re not eligible this time around, you may be eligible later on.

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