Iiit’s a long weekend in just over a day…

…. and I’m going huntin’ wabbits.

No, really.

The bow
The bunny killer










My parents’ property has an abundance of pestilential rabbits, and we figure there’s nothing more appropriate at easter than to go slaughter a handful of them. With dad’s new compound bow. Ten bucks says we don’t hit a damn thing.

I was going to post a shitload of metal news before the long weekend, but I’ve decided not to do it in full this week. Instead, here’s a bunch of links to other places where you can get your fill.


K.K. DOWNING retires from Judas Priest ahead of Epitaph world tour. (pdf)

MORBID ANGEL release Nevermore single

DIMMU BORGIR inaugurates Metal Hammer Norway

MOTORHEAD plays Uruguay for the first time

SKYFORGER honoured at Latvian music awards… and splits with their guitarist

Book published about JOEY RAMONE on the 10 year anniversary of his death



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