Script Frenzy… I kinda failed


Script Frenzy 2011 ended on 30 April. I got less than 25% done.

Well if you’d read this post, you’d know that I was part of this year’s Script Frenzy. My goal? To write 100 pages of Denim Avenger 3. It was a simple ask, 3.3 pages a day – not difficult, right? Um, yes.

I got 17 pages done. That’s 17%. Hardly even respectable in my books.

But you know, it was a good experience. The main thing it taught me – even though I knew it already – was that I had to write something every day. What I ended up doing is what I teach people not to do: agonising over the direction of my characters.

Hence, they stopped performing for me.

Still, it’s been enough to keep me excited about the project. And enough to keep the director and producer excited about the project. So that’s something.

Wish me luck on further development. In another 83 pages we’ll have a workable draft. Here’s hoping I can get it done before the next financial year, so we can apply for film development funding.

How did all you other Script Frenziers go?

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