Australasian Music Industry Directory launched

Street Press Australia have just launched their first edition of the AMID.

Australasian Music Industry Directory cover
Australasian Music Industry Directory cover

This edition of the Australasian Music Industry Directory is the first one produced by Street Press Australia. I haven’t seen the hardcopy version, or the iPhone app, but from what I’ve seen of the online version they’ve done a great job.

The AMID lists everything you can imagine, from music-industry-specific accountants to venues Australasia-wide.

And, whaddaya know, this blog is listed as a music blog. How nice!

If you want to get your hands on a copy, click here. The costs you are looking at are:

  • $55 for hardcopy
  • $25 for iPhone app
  • $85 for both hardcopy + an online subscription
  • $40 just for the online subscription

If you are serious about the industry, whether as a worker in some area, or as a band, spend the money and get a copy. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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