Tonight & tomorrow! EVIL INVADERS III

Tonight (Friday 10 June) and tomorrow (Sat 11 June) Evil Invaders III lays waste to Sydney.

And HERE is what I’m looking forward to. May the brutality begin!


    Assaulter are a METAL metal band from New South Wales, Australia. With the guard of S. Berserker on vocals and guitars, T. Hellfinder armed with the ripping of strings on lead and the out-and-out power and precision of P. Hunt (Razor of Occam) on the battering of the skins – Assaulter have just completed their sophomore LP »Boundless!«.


    There are three artists with the name Black Jesus: 1) Black Jesus is a metal band from Melbourne with members of Extortion, Fall Out, Delta Reds and Jed Whitey.


    Cauldron Black Ram is an Australian black/death metal band with a thematic focus on pirates. The band was formed in Adelaide, Australia in 1996.The band is made up of Esh on vocals and drums (Stargazer, Misery’s Omen), Alim (Mournful Congregation, Stargazer, Misery’s Omen) on guitar, and Ishum (Imminent Psychosis, Intellect Devourer) on bass guitar.


    d.USK is the now the final embodiment to the life of diSEMBOWELMENT. Conceived in early 2010, the d.


    Erebus Enthroned is a Satanic Black Metal band from Sydney, Australia. Formed in MMVI A.D Discography: Divine Legions of Satan – Ep 2007 Spiritual Deconstruction – Split w/Nekros Manteia 2009


    an old school death metal band from Australia that was formed in 2008. As of now, they have released a self-titled demo in may, 2010 with Abysmal Sounds records. myspace –


    Hellbringer (formery Forgery) is a thrash/speed metal band from Canberra, Australia. Formed in 2007 while its members were still at school together, the band takes influence from classic bands such as: Sodom, Destruction, Venom, Onslaught, Whiplash, early Kreator and many more.


    Ignivomous is a death metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2006, the band quickly issued a cassette version of the demo “Path of Attrition”, which quickly sold out. This led to them signing with cult US label Nuclear War Now! and re-issuing the demo on 12″ vinyl with a bonus track (a cover of ancient Australian band Necrotomy).


    Death metal from Brisbane, Australia, ex – Internecine Excoriation. Shares members of Portal. The band is heavily influence by disembowelment, Incantation and Immolation.


    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Innsmouth are a death metal trio from the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, formed in 2008. Nightgaunt – Ichthyic strings and Aqualungs Brown Jenkin – Sea trench disturbance


    Kill For Satan comprises members from well known and respected Australian metal acts (Armoured Angel, Psychrist, Exceed).


    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A technical/experimental death metal band from Australia. 2. An atmospheric neo-prog/metal band created by members of Cynic, from Miami, USA.


    It was late 1999 in Adelaide, Australia when these four warriors of the night met. Without speaking they knew what had to be achieved. In their minds they had a plan to bring the world sounds of love, hate, war, peace, doom and destruction. There was the White Knight, with his powerful vocals and his soul bleeding guitar rifs and leads.


    Sydney Australia-based 5 piece band, The Corps, play original but classic sounding, hard-edged rock and roll. Obviously influenced by band like Motorhead, Rose Tattoo and Condemned 84, The Corps have an Oi! sound, but heavier. Borrowing the slide-guitar sound of Rose Tattoo, the band are solid musicians and have an extremely capable lead singer.


    3 man thrashing machine out of Melbourne, featuring Axe warrior Hexx of Gospel Of the Horns. Ripping out the Thrash and bringing back the fold back attack!


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