Soundwave Revolution 2011 has been cancelled; fans call bullshit

Rumours abounding on the internets today, sparked by the STEEL PANTHER camp, had Soundwave Revolution goers in a bit of a panic as to whether the festival has or has not been cancelled.

While we all waited for an official announcement from the Soundwave camp, we never got one. Instead, it came via Nova 96.9. Of all places.


It came as no surprise to yours truly (though it is a bit sad considering the social networking fluster), that Soundwave head, AJ Madder, hasn’t (at the time of writing) tweeted a thing about it.

But there has been an official comment, reported by iheartguitar:

In an interview with radio station Nova, promoter AJ Maddah said: “It was a very difficult decision to make, we could have just pushed on with the lineup we had hich would have been a better financial option for us, but we didnt want to put an inferior product on the market.”

Tens and tens of fans are calling bullshit on this statement – from the fact that they didn’t know there were unannounced headliners, to having bought tickets without knowing it and still not thinking it’s not inferior.

Evidently we’ve not been given the full story.

I would have loved to have seen Van Halen, Steel Panther and co, but at this stage of my life I’m past being depressed about missing bands.

The thing that sucks the most is that this is typical of Australian festival culture where there is a large proportion of metal. It’s just never destined to happen.

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