FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Show us Your Toys 2011

Got something to show off? Got tatts, body mods, cars, hobbies? You in a band – esp a metal act? You need to be involved in this event, Show Us Your Toys 2011. 

Hit up the event manager, Amanda Storer, on +61 (0)432 365 878 for details on how you can be involved. These guys are still after sponsors too, so if your company or a company you’re involved in might be keen, hit us up.

Show Us Your Toys is an event that was pioneered by my dear old dad, back when I was at high school (I think, I might have just left school and left town… Can’t remember). It was originally staged for the motorbike riders in the town to show off their sharp and shiny toys. Needless to say, there was a whole shitload of Harley Davidsons, plus innumerable other things in town for that event.

Now, however, my sister is the event manager, and she’s brought a whole new spin to things. She’s got a body modification/body art comp running; she’s a muso, been in bands herself, run gigs with me years ago, and keen to get metal on the books in the battle of the bands.

And she’s after hobbyists of all kinds: artists, dancers, people with RC Helicopters, collectors of guitars, or whatever the fuck you have, that you wanna show off: get to this event. It’s fantastic promotion, and the visitor count at Show Us Your Toys just keeps growing.

Anyway, enough blather. You want in, hit me up and I’ll pass on your details, or ring Amanda directly on (+61) 0432 365 878.


What: Show Us Your Toys 2011
Where: Hamilton, Victoria
When: 11 December 2011
Who to contact: Amanda Storer 0437 365 878






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