Holland’s Alternative Matter talks to fast-rising Swedes ANOTHER HELL

On the heels of the release of ANOTHER HELL’s EP Drowning in Dirt, the band took the time to talk with Alternative Matter about the album, Sweden and much more.

Alternative Matter’s Myron talked to the band about the inspiration for Drowning in Dirt. Which is the imbalance in society.

“The inspiration, well, thats quite easy. We are all drowning in mass produced SHIT! People today own more things than they can handle and we all spend too much money on low priced stuff that was created to break. Or just to kill ya neighbour with some new and awesome heavy duty, pricy, cool stuff to make em all envy!

“Not to mention rich countries using up important resources, not giving a shit about what’s going on over at the poor side! The mentality seems to be as long as they make our shit at a low price it’s all fine and dandy Look-how-successful-I-am-ville. That shit is insane.”

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WATCH the official video for Another Hell’s track Redemption, from their EP Drowning in Dirt:

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xP3kEXJSgs width=480 height=360]

With regional tours in the works, Another Hell are cranking up to record their first full-length album. Recording is set to begin on 28 October.


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