Cack Blabbath spotlights ANOTHER HELL

We Say :- So this is rust metal then ? The Swedes describe their sound as a falling somewhere betweengroovemetal and sludge, but to these old and knackered ears the most immediately obvious comparison is to good old fashioned Thrash. However you want to label this there’s no denying that there is an incredible level of energy and aggression here, an aural assault that pins you to the seat and leaves you battered and bruised…

The vocal performance is something worth mentioning too, a gravelly growling delivery which underscores an impressive musical talent. It’s not a performance that ever takes the easy way out by getting needlessly extreme, if that makes sense. I guess that more than anything it reminds me of a downtuned Chuck Billy, which fits the thrash overtones of Another Hell‘s metal to perfection.

The opening soundbite to Redemption sets the whole scene neatly, an extract from President Trumans’s announcement that “The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima”, before the band drop a bomb of their own with some crushing, heavy riffs and an awesome delivery of full-force melodic, intelligent metal. Over the course of the 5 tracks that go to make up this release things just never let up, even the slower bits only serving to set you up for the next onslaught.

Keep an eye out for Another Hell, if this E.P. is anything to go by the upcoming full length album will be magnificent…


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