Metal Dad Australia talks to ANOTHER HELL

Dark beer, lyrical themes, travel to Aus…. Metal Dad Australia’s interview with Another Hell has it all.

Here’s a sample, below. CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

As a band you cover some very strong topics, lyrically. What’s the message you are trying to get a cross?Yeah we all feel some strong shit about how the world keeps turning the wrong way. I´m more of a crazy idealist then my lads so in AH we have settled for a message thats close to all of our hearts and that is over consumption, greed, welfare, environment and modern slavery! Shit I know we ain’t gonna change the world, but if we just make one person wake up then our mission is a success!

Who were your musical heroes, as a kid?
It think it was fucking Elvis that first opened my eyes for rock at a very
young age and then through Sabbath and the other 70’s rockers I found
Mr James Hetfield and that dude has created some of the worlds
greatest and mind blowing  riffs. So there ya have it!
What’s the band doing at the moment?
Shit we are at the beginning of our LP production so now everything is fun
and happy times (all people that makes music know this shit ain’t gonna last).
Writing and composing and soon we will make some pre-tracks to start and
analyze the new red thread in this AH production. It’s always fun at the beginning of
a production but in the end everyone are kinda fed up with the tracks and shit.

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