The Feej Q&A with ANOTHER HELL… is the world fucked?

The lovely happy Fijian conducted and posted an interview with ANOTHER HELL recently, in which frontman Krille talks about whether the world is truly fucked.

Krille faces some tough questions, too. Including whether Another Hell is ‘just another’ political band.

It’s a great read. Get into it! Sample below, original post here >>

ANOTHER HELL, if you haven’t heard of them, is a Swedish groove/death metal band. They are fucken killing it! But more than just kick-arse music, Another Hell is a band with a message, both political and environmental.

Frontman Krille took time out of his busy-as-hell schedule for a quick Feej Q&A.

The world at the moment is totally in turmoil. We have sit-ins in cities, “occupying” them against the current capitalist system, we have mega protests in Egypt, we have the South African press clamping down on freedoms. As an artist whose philosophy centres around these issues, what are your current thoughts about the situation(s)?

Well it’s a clear sign that something is truly fucked up. Even those who are against these actions cant ignore this situation anymore. The capitalist system that we have today only makes a society where one group has everything. The second group strives to get into the first group. And there is a third group whose options are so limited that these kinds of actions are the only way for them to get heard.

The scary thing with this system is that you keep the first two groups so satisfied that when it’s voting time, they are collectively bigger than the third group. Thus they are unable to change things.

Restricting the press, well ya dont have to be Einstein to figure that shit is utterly wrong. It can only mean that someone has done something so bad that they need to cover their shit up.

Are the protests and occupying sit-ins going to help things do you think? Is the world fucked beyond repair?

I still believe humanity lives amongst the majority of mankind. There are days when I feel that revolution is the only way out. But I mainly believe that through friendly activities, actions and agitation we can come to the same results.

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