New era of metal radio in Australia

For all of you who don’t listen to the radio, and don’t keep up with what’s going on around the place, Andrew Haug is no longer hosting The Racket at JJJ… having moved on to other things.

Triple J invited metal peeps of all calibres to apply for the host of the largest metal radio show in the country. Applications closed on Sunday 8 January.

As I expected, the Js received hundreds of applications. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to host that show?

Applications are all now closed, and the waiting game begins to see who the next host is going to be. May the best cat win!

In any case, it ushers in a new era of metal radio in this country. I, for one, am hoping that whoever the new host is does a killer job. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

And it looks like it’s going to be a while til we find out who it’s going to be. Here’s the blurb from The Racket website:

tuesdays at 11pm

triple j’s heavy music show The Racket lives on in 2012.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who applied for The Racket hosting gig. \m/ Entries are now closed, so while we go through them all, you’ll hear a few guest hosts playing their favourite heavy tunes in January and February.

Coming up

Tue Jan 10 – Opeth – Mikael and Frederik
Tue Jan 17 – Floating Me – Andrew, Lucius and Toby

Plus more big names to be announced soon, including an all Unearthedprogram and a special show from AJ Maddah from the Soundwave team.

20 thoughts on “New era of metal radio in Australia

  1. I doubt AJ would even have applied, that would be below him.

    JJJ have had Toby McCasker (@jane_tobes) writing for them here and there, and has done bits of radio stuff before.

      1. I would’ve pegged him too, but Triple J magazine is published by News Ltd, not in house at the ABC. He’s definitely up there in terms of “pecking order.”

  2. You’re all far too young to be so jaded 🙂

    Like everyone else, I hope it goes to someone with a really fresh outlook on metal and a bent for the underground. I also hope that person happens to be female, because there are some nasty stereotypes about metal that need to be kicked in the balls 🙂

      1. Haha yeah. I <3 Helen so much. There are not enough hysterical lipstick lesbos who like Cannibal Corpse on radio anymore.

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  4. If, as we all want, someone got in who was willing to play heaps of new/underground metal and expose listeners to new music they would last about 2 months then get replaced.

  5. It will be someone who plays Triple J approved metal, probably with little insight into the actual Metal scene of Australia. And then the Racket will go downhill and no more metal on JJJ. Which makes them happy

    1. Oh god I hope not. I have these dreams of someone with the capacity to expose more underground bands. But I think you might be right; the politics would likely get in the way.

        1. i really don’t know. AJ’s broad knowledge of the scene globally and his obvious industry connections is probably very tempting for the Js, but on the flipside AJ isn’t known for either his open mindedness or his winning personality.

          no, that’s prob’ly a bit unfair. in all honestly i don’t know if AJ turns his ‘demeanour’ on and off at the appropriate times.

          but AJ is very opinionated, and very clear about what he does and doesn’t like (and, frankly, *who* he does and doesn’t like). can he put that aside to put together a balanced show?

          from my entirely external perspective, i would have my doubts.

          1. I have my own experiences of being disliked by AJ. It’s not particularly pleasant.

            Yes you’ve got a point. I’m not sure that opinion is really what’s needed on that show. You totally need someone open to just about everything.

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