REVILEMENT reviewed at Metal Harmony

The ever wonderful Mike Dee recently reviewed REVILEMENT’s Pillars of Balance over at his blog, Metal Harmony. And wow, did it blow him away.

Here’s a snippet:

This week I have experienced genuine brutality. Not in a water boarded, call Amnesty International sense, more in the sense that I have become exposed to Revilement.

Revilement’s debut album Pillars of Balance is undoubtedly the heaviest thing I’ve heard this year. Hailing from Taiwan, Revilement are more than just a flurry of blasts and pig-squealin’ vocals (although both feature extensively). There are some genuinely killer riffs throughout that don’t rely solely on breakneck speed; slow, sludgey breaks give Pillars of Hope plenty of meat to get your teeth into. Fans of Cannibal Corpse would be mentally deficient not to embrace this band, particularly wth song titles such as Human Vivisection and Raping the Comatose. If you like your music thoroughly unpleasant, check this out immediately – there’s a link in the Cool Shit list, as usual.

Awesome! So glad it knocked your teeth out, Mikey!

For all you cats, go read the rest of the post. Mike delves into other bands like Psycroptic and also talks merch. But clearly it was Revilement that really blew his socks off.

Thanks for the review, dude! Here’s a sample if you wanna hear Revilement yourself:



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