The Commuter Review

It has become that time of my life again where I am a public transport commuter. Rather than waste the time, I’ve decided to write a new column.

In The Commuter Review, I will bring to you reviews of new metal releases that have accompanied me on train trips to and/or from work.

Except, this column has particular requirements in addition to your average review.

Such as, can the album be listened to in one average train trip (typically, for me, half an hour)? Is it an album you’d shove onto shuffle amongst a pile of other albums? Is it good enough at helping you forget the hundreds of regular jackoffs amongst which you have to travel?

And so on.

The first one you can expect is of SIGH’s forthcoming release, In Somniphobia. Mainly because the promo material states that it’s best through headphones. Perfect!

What do you think? Oh, and if you have an album you want me to review for the column, drop a comment and let me know!

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