Girls Don’t Like Metal… featuring ME!

I had the absolute privilege of being interviewed by the fantastic Natalie at Canada Arts Connect recently. The article is now up! Please go have a read, love to hear what you think.

Here’s a snippet:

You’ve become a passionate supporter of fellow female metal writers online, especially on Twitter. What do you hope to bring to the conversation about women and heavy metal? What do you think are the most important issues facing women who participate in the metal scene in any capacity?

I hate to disappoint you, but it’s entirely unintentional. I support cool, intelligent people — gender is totally out of my focus. If you rock, we’re on; if you suck, we’re off.

I have never been a supporter of feminist ideologies, feminist ideologues or gender-based discussions in general. I have always, ever since I was a tiny kid, lived with the attitude that anybody can do anything and the only thing that stops them is their personal perspective. You want to do something? Make it happen. No excuse on Earth will justify you missing out on something, except the fact that you didn’t try.

In fact, at university, surrounded by feminists and girls getting everything, and boys getting nothing, I became a passionate supporter of men’s rights. Why should we have a special room with free cups of coffee simply because we’re chicks? It’s the totally wrong way to look at life. Having said that, I have become more sympathetic to the sisterhood; I think that’s something that has come with age.




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