We want original movies!

In a bid to protest against Hollywood’s penchant for remaking films – even perfect ones – I have made shirts. Read, buy, wear proudly!

For quite some time now, Hellblazer and I have been moaning about the state of Hollywood. That is, the penchant for remaking films instead of creating new ones.

They are even remaking The Exorcist. THE EXORCIST. The most perfect horror film of all time. This is blasphemy.

You can now have your own little protest against this state of affairs. Buy one of my shirts.  VISIT THE STORE NOW.

I intend to own the entire range. Yes I made them but I still have to buy them!

This is pretty much what they look like (below) but there’s a whole lot more:

EDIT (9 May 2012):   The designs were changed because CafePress deemed the word “fuck” to be offensive. So they used to look like the below. Now they say “Fu*k you Hollywood” instead. 


Get ’em and wear ’em proudly!!


9 thoughts on “We want original movies!

  1. Naturally! I’m running out of ‘offensive’ tees to annoy my corporate co workers!

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