Leticia’s Ultimate Internet Reading List

There is so much stuff on the web worth reading. I found that I couldn’t start putting it all into blog rolls and lists of links, so decided to throw it all into this post.

There is so much stuff on the web worth reading. I found that I couldn’t start putting it all into blog rolls and lists of links, so decided to throw it all into this post.

Part of the reason for my removal of the Age Old Blogroll is that I want to categorise all of my links. Some people appear twice, some people don’t fit my pre-defined categories.

The result of my consternation is therefore this page. It’s not categories, it’s alpabetised. And I’ve got notes under each one as to why I love each one of these cats.

I’m sure it will end up being a living document, updated regularly, too.


Leticia’s Ultimate Internet Reading List

... because all other lists will put you to sleep.
… because all other lists will put you to sleep.


  • Against The Grain Studio
    Becky and Andy are good friends of mine, but they also run the best studio in town, and Andy Kite is roundly held in the metal community as one of the best producers around. Becky’s graphic design skills are outstanding (she did the header on this blog, and also my wedding invitatations!) and she makes killer videos too. Love, love, love. Give them some traffic.
  • Another Hell (Sweden)
    I do ad-hoc PR for these guys. But besides that, they have put a shit-ton of really good assessment and thinking and design into their site, and it’s a great example of what a band site should be like.
  • AusMetal Gig Guide
    Possibly the most extensive guide to metal shows in Australia.
  • Backward Messages
    You know those cunts in the media who paint everyone who does something evil as a metalhead, or a goth, or whatever? And parents listen to it and make kids’ lives hard? This blog talks back to that culture – and it’s fucking amazing. Highly recommended.
  • Bad News Brown
    I met this guy at Evil Invaders III, where I had the privilege of seeing a scrapbook of his art. Fucking amazing. Just. Really. Go see.
  • Because I’m a Whore
    Yes, I used to work with sex workers (for the curious, no I’ve never been a sex worker, but I’ve worked in safe sex product supply). Yes, I know quite a few of them. A couple of them write about their lives as sex workers… and this is the best of the lot. You will learn things! Most importantly, you’ll learn that sex work is real work.
  • Bellydance Amethyst
    This is where I dance. Awesome place, awesome styles, awesome people.
  • Brutal Pixie
    This is what I am when I am not here, at The Other Side, or working full-time. I, too, am a freelance writer, editor, and consultant, and I’d love it if you can throw me some business.
  • Cauldron Black Ram (official)
    I’m the web mistress for CBR, and built the site with the fabulous assistance of Goatlady, lovely far-away woman that she is. Cauldron are one of the biggest acts in the Australian underground metal scene, playing fucking deatheavy metal.
  • Clairodactyl
    Lovely British metal blogger, Claire is one of the few out there who truly appreciate power metal and full old school heavy metal. Her writing is first class. I’m proud to be an occasional guest blogger there!
  • The Clandestine Manifesto
    If you missed my post about John Raptis’s work, and why he is one of my absolute favourite Australian artists (like, I look at his work at least once per week), then go here and read it. Then go visit his site to see his work. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.
  • Crushtor.net
    A freelance writer and super nice dude, who used to write for me. Love his work, to the point where we always dream of collaborating. You should go see the quality of what he does. Wonderful stuff.
  • Die With Your Boots On
    If you’re a metalhead and you’ve never heard of Grim Kim (Kim Kelly), you’ve had your head in the sand. Kim writes for most of the world’s major metal press; this is her tumblr, where she posts (mainly) about life on the road. It’s one of my online addictions.
  • Enter The Goatlady
    Web Developer extraordinaire, with metal in the blood, and now resident in Europe, Goatlady is also an outstanding blogger, photographer, and writer. Go! Go! This is her metal site.
  • Fire & Tea
    I first met Justine de Jong when I was writing for her at FasterLouder. She is now an intrepid travel writer, and her words and photography are testament both to her drive to explore new cultures, and her talent as a writer/photographer.
  • Framed Noise
    The metal/rock photography of Swedish photographer, Daniel Falk. Fucking. Amazing. Daniel used to shoot for me and the more traffic love I can get him, the better. His work is killer.
  • John Pilger dot com
    This is a site dedicated to the writing and films of John Pilger. He’s a journalist of some renown, and is a great advocate of critical journalism. As he has said, “It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and myths that surround it”. Highly recommended for everyone who considers him- or her-self a critical thinker.
  • Julia Thomas Photography
    Fabulous portraiture from one of Adelaide’s best photographers. Her art photography is amazing, but so are her other areas of specialisation, like weddings.
  • MADMan’s Metal Harmony
    Mike is another metal blogger. But unlike some of the others on this list, loves some different genres. He writes about them in a particularly British way (unsurprising given he lives in the UK!). His piss-taking style is well worth a read.
  • The Piracy Paradox – Innovation and Intellectual Property in Fashion Design
    As a writer, and especailly as a writer predominantly in the music industry, intellectual property and copyright is a BIG thing. But the fashion industry has a very, very different take on IP – and one that I suspect every other industry can learn from. Fascinating reading.
  • Regretsy
    The site for everything you’ve seen on Etsy and wished you hadn’t.
  • Steff Metal
    Kiwi blogger, writer, and source of amazing, Steff’s work is always killer. She’s one of those bloggers online that I find enormously inspiring, so if I can get her some traffic, I will! Her site is also slick, beautifully designed, and simply gorgeous.
  • The Word
    Alan Baxter’s writing world, and world of commentary. Dark fantasy writer, martial artist, metalhead, and dog-lover, Alan is a man of many sides, many loves, and a truly sharp, witty, insightful, and philosophical intellect. I always wish i had more time in my life to read more of his words. But I try.

6 thoughts on “Leticia’s Ultimate Internet Reading List

    1. @Beth: your work is so important, I couldn’t leave you out! 🙂 I hope you get as much out of the rest of these guys as I do.

  1. I think out of that entire list, I win the prize for “most neglected blog” . Being in such astute company makes me almost feel bad about that, though. As soon as I’ve finished sorting through and processing the remaining 5000 photos from Metalcamp, I will probably post something. Maybe!

    1. @Goatlady: don’t feel bad! I think Because I’m A Whore is nearly as neglected as yours. I find that creative bloggers neglect their spaces from time to time. I think they’d be far more boring if they didn’t. 😉

      1. I certainly neglect mine from time to time aswell…currently being a prime example! I’ve been being creative and blogging at work and it’s been draining my brain to the point I needed to take a break from it at home…picking back up again now though!

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