Vote in the 2012 Rage Top 50

I voted in the Rage Top 50. You should too… and read this post to find out why.

It’s that time of year where you get to vote for your favourite music vid over the course of the year.

And because I have always loved the institution that is Rage, I had to go through and cast my vote. Given that Rage is literally the only music video show left on the air that has any sense of quality or scope, you should all go and vote as well. Because it still has relevance, even in these YouTube days.

This is what I voted for:

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I voted for Phantom Antichrist not only because KREATOR are amazing, but because of the story in the clip. It is so perfectly political, so perfectly fits 2012, and tells a real story of the future that human society is hurtling towards.

If you want metal represented in this top 50, go cast your vote! Results will be out on 29 December.
Vote for us in the rage FIFTY 2012

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