Welcome to another year!

So, here we are. You and me, together, again, in yet another year. A lot happened last year, although it all disappeared too quickly.

So, here we are. You and me, together, again, in yet another year. A lot happened last year, although it all disappeared too quickly. A lot is going to happen this year too! Starting with KISS playing here in March, then a performance of mine at a major bellydance extravaganza in April, then my wedding(!), and then a whole lot of things after that.

In tour news Cauldron Black Ram are embarking on their first US tour later in the year, Stargazer are hitting Stella Natura festival, Mournful Congregation are going back to Europe and more quickly than anybody thought (April! Wow!).

In blog news I have a bunch of fitness-related guest posts happening at … The Other Side sooner than you might think – stay tuned for those details. If we’re going to kick off the new year right, we may as well do that right, too.

And in personal news the end of 2012 was filled with difficult decisions we never thought we’d have to make; a most lovely friend was hit by a truck whilst on his bicycle, and miraculously not killed or brain damaged. Into this year, Phil can now have visitors (good news!), I don’t have to buy boots for my wedding because I’m going to borrow them, and currently the biggest thing on my agenda is trying to decide between these wedding bands and regular old white gold ones made locally that are about $800 more expensive.

Yeah I’m a tight-arse. Sue me. Having said that, if you have a recommendation I want to hear it.

On the music front, however, there’s not a heap of news coming our way. Tribulation are releasing a new album and that makes me well excited.

So instead, I leave you with this.


#cutforbieber trending on Twitter


The hash-tag was reported to have started as a morbid prank by users of the 4chan imageboard. One user posted “Let’s start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”

While some Beliebers have taken the hash-tag with a light-hearted grain of salt (see below), others have posted quite disturbing, andgraphic photographs of self harm.



Seriously, people are fucked up. By the way, leave me a comment about what you think for the wedding-bands, willya? I’m serious. I wanna hear it, and preferably not “oh it’s harder metal and it’ll, um, scratch, if it’s silver”. Cheers.


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