[book review] Steff Metal Considers Leticia a Master

Steff Metal's review of Music Journalism 101

When you do something that you have a great passion for, you share it with the world. So when someone considers you a key writer and thinker in the field, that is  big deal. Steff is almost right when she said that the label will likely embarrass me. Well, it does, but it’s more humbling than embarrassing. And also a bit exciting.

Please do go and read this review. Steff is a writer whose work I respect enormously, especially in a professional copywriting sense. She is one of those people you read and think, “Wow, she’s switched on, wish I were that good.”

Funny how things roll, isn’t it?


I’ve always maintained that writing about music is a talent, one of which I believe others possess in much great quantities than I do. This is why I shied away from writing review for so long. But like any good skill, writing about music and the people who make it is something that will improve with practice, and through careful study of masters.

Leticia Supple is one such master.


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