So, it’s Mother’s Day

This mother’s day, I gave my mum a poem. It’s possibly not what you’d expect.

While everyone else is out swanning about with their mums, and taking photos, and splurging it all into social media, I did nothing much.

I rang her a week early. And then again yesterday so I wouldn’t forget.

And I sent her a poem by SMS. It’s never been in our culture to send cards and gifts when a phone call is more meaningful and the expense of gifts is just that: An expense.

In the spirit of the day, and my dislike of the Facebook culture, I decided to share my writing with you, dear reader. I hope you enjoy it.

Mother’s Day Poem

I love you, mum.
I’m glad you’re not a Facebook mum.
While all around are big vajays
With photos and statements and adoring gaze
We can simply say, hey you’re great.
We’ll get no likes
We’ll get no fans
But that’s not what life’s about, man.
I love you and you love me
And that’s all there needs to be.

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