[press clipping] Profiled at Convene

Yours truly appeared over at Convene on 24 March 2015, with a bunch of other inspiring female CEOs.

Over at Convene this week, an article was published that profiles successful female CEOs and leaders. I am happy to be one of those who shared her keys to success.

Some of the things I mentioned (e.g. no glass ceiling – sorry, feminists!) I was nervous about, and then happy to see others saying much the same thing.

The lesson is, ladies, if you expect to find a glass ceiling then you will find one. Also, stop thinking – just DO.

Screenshot of the article at Convene.
You can read the full article here.

EDIT: Thanks to Judd Exley for giving me a heads-up that the links were broken. Much appreciated. This is now fixed. 🙂

2 thoughts on “[press clipping] Profiled at Convene

  1. That was an excellent bit on you Tish, you’re a helluvan inspiration to all bidness folks.

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