From fun to wow

I will blog this extensively soon, but for now here’s a short aside.

On Friday, I was slowly building my business and moving into the next phase. Then I went to startup weekend in Adelaide. I pitched an idea that took off.

By Sunday night we had partners and potential investors.

Monday I spent on the phone to, like, everyone. From mentors and friends and advisors, to my dad, to interested partners.

Today I spent fielding media and existing Pixie clientele.

And worked myself into a right state before I realised that this is the greatest opportunity of my life. Sure, it’s tricky. Sure, time is squished. Sure, I also have and need a life. But if I work like nobody else is prepared to, I can build something truly astounding.

Tonight I realised that I can do that if I am prepared to be disciplined. And then committed myself to that discipline. So, the only way is forwards.

Stay tuned. More to come.

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