Life in half a second (the challenge)

It might be December, but I’ve just taken on a new challenge. That challenge is to take massive action. You can join me and take massive action, too. Read on >

So, this is a reasonably short post to let you guys know that I’m doing the Life in Half a Second Challenge. (By the way, nice work Matt – great publicity for your book. Noted.)

Last week I was privileged to be taken to an Elite 500 Mastermind retreat by clients of mine. And as a result I want to do ALL THE THINGS.

You guys are winding down because it’s December. I’m winding up. Sure I have a holiday at the end of the month like almost everyone else, but I intend to exit 2015 in a whirl of activity.

And then in the middle of the things, Life in half a second (the book) landed in my life as a gift. So hey, fuck it, I’m doing the challenge – and posting about it is the first action I have to take.

Stay tuned.

Want to be a goals buddy? If you want to join me on this journey, and have the amazing experience of committing to (and achieving) goals with a public audience, leave a comment on this post. All it will take is one check-in a week… and a public post from me as to progress. (Eeek!)

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