Choose wisely

If artistry is what you want, consider eschewing entrepreneurialism. Choose wisely.
This image reads, "I've read too many books to believe what I am told."

Artistry is something that I think about a lot. The more I grow into my own role, as a founder and practitioner, the more I consider it.

The great artists through time have had a single-pointed mind. Whether that is Wendy Whelan, or Salvador Dali, or Neil Gaiman; or Bill Griggs, or Michael Kirby, or anyone who is an artist in his or her space.

It’s easier to be an artist than to be a founder. As a founder, you’re not an artist. As a founder, you (ideally) employ them.

If you’re going to be an artist, you need single-pointed mind. You need dedication, focus and time. For most regular folk, that means getting a job. When you have a job, you have salary, the time to practise, the space in which to experiment. You have, if you’re lucky, an employer who gives you the ability to stretch and grow.

When you’re a founder, you (often) have none of these things.

If you want to be an artist, choose wisely.

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