Music Journalism Mastery – The Live Course

Music Journalism Mastery builds on the best and most technically focused music journalism course in the world – Music Journalism 101. RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW!

Since becoming a mum I’ve launched Music Journalism Mentoring as an interim step to the course. Get all the benefits of 1:1 instruction and “outside eyes” on your work. Once bubs is old enough, the course will follow. MORE DETAILS ARE HERE.


I am planning a course to teach new and existing music journalists to achieve influence, recognition and a pay cheque(!), by becoming masters of all aspects of the work.

Start with passion. Become a master.


Don’t have Music Journalism 101 yet? Click here.

Why this course?

This is the only music journalism course that takes you from a padawan to a Jedi. Begin with nothing – or maybe even years of experience – and become a Master.

This course has been built on my original work on the mechanics of rock journalism. Since the release of that book, it has been used as a text in degree courses, referenced in masters theses, and has supported the development of new publications – and their editors – around the world.

Music Journalism Mastery is delivered by a no-bullshit, take-no-prisoners woman who has been a writer, editor and publisher of rock journalists. Her mentees have gone on to work for labels, to run their own professional writing businesses, to become published authors, to edit major music press themselves.

You might love music, you might want to write about it, but there is much more to this world than passion. You also need dedication, time management, mastery of your own fear, willingness to get out of your comfort zone, be ok with harsh feedback, and understand your own limits.

The music industry is a tough master. But YOU are equal to the task.

Many universities offer music journalism. But it’s broad. It’s not applied. It doesn’t learn the hard lessons from both successful and unsuccessful, working journalists. And besides… why would you study for 3 years to be right at the beginning?

Study with the Master

… like any good skill, writing about music and the people who make it is something that will improve with practice, and through careful study of masters.

Leticia Supple is one such master.

[ Steff Metal ]


Before everyone else gets access to this course, I am releasing a pilot for a limited number of people. Get your name on the list for the Music Journalism Mastery Pilot and be one of the lucky few who can really influence how this runs. With only 10 students per round, you will become one of the elite few lucky enough to get your hands dirty with expert guidance, in the newest, most exciting music journalism course in the world.

No matter whether you are just starting out or want to get yourself to the next level, make sure you don’t miss out.

Register now.

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